From leading change and influencing others to effective communication and advanced sales training, Varnum Consulting has the right solution to propel your organization to new heights.  Simply put, we help organizations move forward. Varnum Consulting is unique. We customize each program to fit client needs and encourage hands-on learning through experiential education.

Fifty to seventy-five percent of each program involves real world application, because we know practice makes permanent (not perfect).  We go above and beyond for our clients by offering complimentary reinforcement sessions, ideas for sustainable leadership development and continued engagement with our team of coaches. See what our clients are saying >

Executive Coaching

Senior level leaders require individually tailored solutions to achieve personal breakthroughs and their next level of leadership. Just like professional athletes, leaders need coaches to provide the prospective, skills, motivation and inspiration to achieve their highest potential. Our coaches incorporate discussion, assigned activities, instruction, rehearsal and observation into monthly one-on-one sessions. All coaching services are tailored to the executive and organizational needs.

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Emotional and Social Competency Inventory

Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) is a powerful 360 assessment that describes 12 competencies that differentiate outstanding from average performers. 

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Alumni Reinforcement sessions are available only to those who have previously attended a Public Program.

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